• i-CAT 3D Cone Beam Imaging

    i-CAT 3D Cone Beam Imaging

    The i-CAT is a 3D CBCT Imaging Machine us to capture over 300 images of your teeth. It allows our specialist to properly diagnose and plan your customized treatment.
  • PlanScan E4D Restoration System

    PlanScan E4D Restoration System

    Our CAD/CAM Solution, driven by E4D Technologies, provides everything you need to deliver better dentistry. With the ability to create and design digital models with Planmeca CAD/CAM. And bring our smile designs to life with the precision of the Planmeca PlanMill in a matter of minutes.
  • Surface Activated Implant Systems

    Surface Activated Implant Systems

    Hanna Dental Implant Center uses the most cutting edge dental implant technology to insure the success of each of our implants. Our surface activated systems speed up the process osseointegration to create a solid foundation for your implant restorations.

We Are The Cutting Edge

Dr. Hanna spent nearly two years planning this world renowned center to be sure Hanna Dental Implant Center was on the leading edge of implant dentistry. From the iCat 3D CTCB Scanner to the full service lab, we can assure that you are receiving the best care possible. In addition to having the latest technology, our comprehensive in-house lab is one of the first to be using the newest technique of Thera-Beam Affiny, by Ushio, to create more then optimal surface activation and increase the osseointegration of the implants to your bone.


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